Mondrian’s Room

The Mondrian’s Room Gallery, (was) located in South Anne Street, Dublin. They showcased last November 2008 some unique glass plates (autochromes) by The Lumiere Brothers, which represent the invention of colour Photography. Despite the fact that such a relevant collection of artifacts was offered for public enjoyment, very little was mentioned in all ‘expert’ media… Continue reading Mondrian’s Room

The Vision of the Other.

The Vision of the Other: Modernity & the Photographed Face. KOWASA gallery presents “The Vision of the Other: Modernity and the Photographed Face”, a group show which attempts to define the way in which the human face was photographically constructed before its abolition by Postmodernism. The exhibition primarily offers a thorough insight into the history… Continue reading The Vision of the Other.

Joakim Eskildsen: The Roma Journeys.

I saw ‘The Roma Journeys’ exhibition in Winterthur’s FotoMuseum last Saturday. What an amazing piece of work. I totally recommend you, if you really like Photography and know what Photography is for, to check the full extent of his work. It is a pleasure and a refreshing experience to see photographers engaging in other matters… Continue reading Joakim Eskildsen: The Roma Journeys.

Henrik Purienne

They say Henrik Purienne’s work is erotic, pseudo-porn, porno-fashion, sexy and more. I think it is very intimate; there is a strong feeling of trust and play, it sort of shows what you would have done with a camera and your first girlfriend. Some images may move towards the erotic, some others towards the cute. Its… Continue reading Henrik Purienne

SODAPIX Editors picks

Swiss picture agency Sodapix shows the collections from nine Photo Editors and Art Buyers, who picked their favourite pictures from the Sodapix picture pool. Up there, some of the selected. The rest, here: – Nicole Aeby (Maz Department Head) – Tres Camenzind (President vfg) – Sonia Favre (Freelance Photo Editor) – Gabriella Flury (Owner Gabriella Flury Advertising) – Tom Kees (Art Director McCann Erickson) – Nenad Kovačić (Designer and Co-Owner Raffinerie) – Cara Anne… Continue reading SODAPIX Editors picks

Paranaiv, with an infinite blog.

Apart from other things like having designed a very useful Web Design Sketch book, a pretty clever album sleeve for Antony and the Johnsons imaginary new album, and a very interesting project called Livezine, where the images are alive (go and see if you dont believe me), Paranaiv offers what it would look like an infinite… Continue reading Paranaiv, with an infinite blog.