A quick and cheap way to make a teleprompter if you need one for filming purposes.  Check:  Love0

Funky eyes

There is no better place to see what you can do with a camera than in LOMOGRAPHY’s website Although most of them are disposable-looking cameras, there are also some great optics and crazy ways of taking pictures: a 4 eyed camera? an 8 eyed camera? 120 degrees vision? Pinhole cameras? Seagulls? its all in… Continue reading Funky eyes

Recommendation: UBU Website Explore the links and hosted projects. For example, there’s also a very good mp3 archive of some pretty obscure original recordings. Check out the curated project, 365 Days Project, using ‘found’ images and sound. Love0

DJ Spooky interview

Here’s one for lunchtime listening (about 20 mins): It’s the last interview with DJ SPooky archived on … discussing big exhibtions, academic directions, a two-speed cultural economy… love them or loathe them, listen out for the issues raised and the language used and the comparisons made and the predictions mooted. It wraps up… Continue reading DJ Spooky interview

Interesting Sites

1. See the website for ‘museum in progress’ at 2. Also, see the online version of the curator Hans Ulrich Obrist’s ‘Do It’ book at 3. Finally, if you don’t already have it in your bookmarks, take some time to find your way around the various sites within Love0