Matthew Monteith: Czech Eden

Matthew Monteith: Czech Eden by Michael Famighetti After the Velvet Revolution marked the end of Czechoslovakia’s Communist regime tourists from across Western Europe, and the world, arrived by the busload in Prague to marvel at this spire-marked capital that had effectively been off limits, for a half century, to those outside the Soviet empire’s reach.… Continue reading Matthew Monteith: Czech Eden

Voting Assistant for Election 2007

“Dear Voter, Do you know who you will vote for next Thursday 24th May? Do you even know for sure what the main parties really stand for? Wouldn’t it be handy if you could compare each of them side-by-side, issue-by-issue? Yes, it would. So to that end, dear voter, I introduce to you Fx3 VoteAssist.”… Continue reading Voting Assistant for Election 2007


Monochrom is a great site for all your photographic needs, whatever your budget. I recently purchased a portfolio for under 40 euros that looks like a +100 euros one. Nice feeling on the hands, velvety, and very well built. I would recomend you to have a look at their infinite catalogue, mind the German.… Continue reading Monochrom