Mapping ‘The Truth About Crime’: Oxford Crime

A unique experiment uncovering crime in a typical British city Why did they choose Oxford? “We selected Oxford because it is as close as we could find to a typical British city. In terms of demographics, and particularly in terms of levels and types of crimes, it is typical of the national picture.” More at… Continue reading Mapping ‘The Truth About Crime’: Oxford Crime

Police filming English streets in 1935

This film illustrates an early example of technologically-mediated visual surveillance: the use of cine cameras by the British police in 1935 in the English town of Chesterfield in an operation to crack down on illegal street betting. The film accompanies an article by Chris Williams in Surveillance & Society 6(1) which explains what was going on and why…… Continue reading Police filming English streets in 1935

The Prince’s Rainforests Project and Sony World Photography Awards 2009

  Deadline for amateur submissions extended to 28 February 2009 Final call for professional photographers Budding amateur environmental photographers now have until 28 February 2009 to submit their work to The Prince’s Rainforests Project (PRP) Award, a major new initiative for the 2009 Sony World Photography Awards.  A selection of the best images by amateur… Continue reading The Prince’s Rainforests Project and Sony World Photography Awards 2009

Dear Mr Pepsident:

‘Dear Mr President‘ is PEPSI’s advert (thought and thus, it would be so much cooler if it was Mr PEPSIdent); you are suppose to answer this question: ‘what would you say to the man who is about to refresh America?’. PEPSI then becomes the channel, the messenger, the carrier, the pigeon, the media between the audience and the… Continue reading Dear Mr Pepsident:

A Photographic Share Economy?

At the Inaugural Youth Ball, the new President of the United States of (North) America and the First Lady Obama salute the crowd. What an amazing image! While the event is happening, we the audience indulge in its consumption by recording it, rather than experiencing the event itself. We engage the media, the channel, the interface, and not the message.… Continue reading A Photographic Share Economy?

Focal-plane Shutter

 What do these two images have in common? ‘Car Trip, Papa at 80 kilometers an hour’, Jacques-Henri Lartigue, 1913. ‘Missing Person Search & Recovery’, by Robin Blandford. Ok, the title of the post is a bit of a giveaway, but the answer is the shutter. Well, this is technically incorrect, as the photo of the… Continue reading Focal-plane Shutter