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Expensive and good.

C-Photo Magazine is being published by Ivory Press in two bilingual editions every year. The hard-back format combines English/Chinese and Spanish/Japanese. Copies will be distributed world-wide and available by subscription or direct purchase from galleries, museums and quality booksellers.

C-Photo Magazine will explore the changes and trends that have shaped the art of photography over the course of its history as well as presenting an eclectic overview of contemporary trends. It will also serve as a platform for living artists, with no aesthetic or cultural distinctions.

C-Photo Magazine is founded and directed by Elena Ochoa Foster whose global perspective encourages regional variations, rather than projecting a conventional western point of view.


C-Photo Magazine has a strong emphasis on design and quality of execution. Each issue will have familiar sections, which over time will build up as a valuable source of reference. For example the Archive section will show major works which are so far unpublished, whilst Vintage will feature classic images. The publishers will encourage and finance new works, through its CAction section. Current events on the contemporary scene will be explored in the Scope section, and Portfolio section.

The remaining content will give voice to the other actors on the photography scene. Curators, gallery owners, collectors, critics and editors, among others, will have their say, where they can share their opinions and an exclusive selection of their collections and the artists they represent.