Nature morte au hareng - Guido MocaficoNature morte au cochon - Guido MocaficoNature morte aux huîtres - Guido MocaficoNature morte à la grenade - Guido Mocafico

The Guido Mocafico: Nature Morte exhibition–a collaboration between Bernheimer Fine Art Photography and Hamiltons Gallery, London–focuses on photographs inspired by the aesthetics of Old Masters.
Born in Italy in 1962, the photographer concentrates in this exhibition primarily on three genres of still life: banquet, floral and vanitas still lifes, or as
Mocafico calls his groups of works, natures mortes de table, bouquets and vanités. The bouquet and vanité works are new and are being shown to the public here for the first time. At first glance, the photographs seem hardly distinguishable from the compositions of the Old Masters that supplement the exhibition, because in his remarkable works, which are planned down to the last detail, Mocafico replicates typical still lifes of the 17th and 18th centuries.

Bouquet de tulipes - Guido MocaficoGrande composition florale - Guido MocaficoOmnia Vanitas - Guido MocaficoAllégorie de la caducité - Guido MocaficoNature morte au lapin - Guido Mocafico

via Bernheimer