delicious library

Well, if you are bored to death and have nothing better to do, scan ALL your books, CDs, movies and games with your webcam, and have them digitally referenced in the well designed Delicious Library. You can enjoy a new visual way to track who did you lend your belongins too, and when.

The program can read the bar code of your items (Beep!) and search for info in Amazon’s massive database -but items may not be found if they are rare! Still, next time your buddy comes asking for your precious King Crimson CD, add him to your list of you-owe-mes, and discover he didnt return yet your copy of Five Obstructions, a film you thought it was lost.

Now, you can open your trully Professional Lending Library.

You could also be using Post-its, but that is so passé composé!

Via Delicious Monster
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