So, we already have seen a good few bunch of ads from Dove teaching us how to find ourselves beautiful no matter how low our self-esteem may be. It seems like a good aproach to marketing, and it feels honest. While there is a flair of ethical approach to marketing their products, one can only guess this is only a vague intention. Or is it deeper that that?
I always thought that I could not sell anything I wouldnt sell to my family. To see the consumer as an object brings many dangers. To see the consumer as your brother/sister can only bring ethical results. No more food with non-fair trade ingredients or uggly chemicals; no more contracts with hidden catches; no more wolves dressed up as sheep.

´Real Women have real bodies with real curves´

Refried and mashed up:

Evolution of a billboard model.

Beauty has no age limits.

TV commercial to learn about the issue of low self-esteem among young girls

And a short movie