Dear Mr Pepsident:


Dear Mr President‘ is PEPSI’s advert (thought and thus, it would be so much cooler if it was Mr PEPSIdent); you are suppose to answer this question: ‘what would you say to the man who is about to refresh America?’. PEPSI then becomes the channel, the messenger, the carrier, the pigeon, the media between the audience and the target. Very clever. An banking on one of the most widely liked presidents on the history of the United States of NorthAmerica, that is also clever. You can see there loads of videos and short textual messages from famous and the rest of us. 

Its all here.

An impostor makes me laugh

Just got an email from an honest human being warning me about a funny coincidence. Apparently someone has designed exactly the same site- this one – that I designed, and also has taken the same pictures I have been taken for the last years…

I thought you may like to know that a 'designer' is claiming to have designed a number of website that he hasn't - one of your sites in his portfolio.
Nice site btw :)

Thanks a lot, Jason. I think, if anything, its funny. Perhaps he was just using my site as a ‘temporary’ item for his Flash site. Am I very gullible? Although I think Buffalo, Jason’s company, have taken the direct approach and now the impostor’s site may be… cleaned.
I take the chance to invite you to check Buffalo’s portfolio – this time, is certainly their own work!

Making Ethical Beauty

So, we already have seen a good few bunch of ads from Dove teaching us how to find ourselves beautiful no matter how low our self-esteem may be. It seems like a good aproach to marketing, and it feels honest. While there is a flair of ethical approach to marketing their products, one can only guess this is only a vague intention. Or is it deeper that that?
I always thought that I could not sell anything I wouldnt sell to my family. To see the consumer as an object brings many dangers. To see the consumer as your brother/sister can only bring ethical results. No more food with non-fair trade ingredients or uggly chemicals; no more contracts with hidden catches; no more wolves dressed up as sheep.

´Real Women have real bodies with real curves´

Refried and mashed up:

Evolution of a billboard model.

Beauty has no age limits.

TV commercial to learn about the issue of low self-esteem among young girls

And a short movie