A Cuban Timeline 1960 – 2008

A Cuban Timeline

After an ill-fated insurgency against the Cuban government in 1953, in which he was nearly killed, Fidel Castro returned via the Cuban Revolution to become one of the most notable political figures of the 20th century. A vociferous opponent of the United States, a staunch critic of the capitalist model, and an oft-cited prophet of the Latin American Left, Mr. Castro’s legacy will likely inspire mixed feelings of admiration, fear, and disdain.

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By Magnum Photographers, produced by Magnum in Motion

MAGNUM’S first

Henri Cartier-Bresson | Marc Riboud | Jean Marquis | Werner Bischof |
Robert Capa | Inge Morath |
Ernst Haas | Erich Lessing

September 3rd – October 24th, 2008

The Flo Peters Gallery
Chilehaus C . Pumpen 8
20095 Hamburg, Germany
Monday to Friday 12pm-6pm
Saturday 11am-3pm

Magnum Photos and the Flo Peters Gallery present the sensational rediscovery of the first Magnum Group exhibition of 1955.

Research shows that the exhibition “Face of Time” was first shown in June/July 1955 in the French Cultural Institute in Innsbruck. Their existence forgotten, the 83 Magnum Vintage Prints lay hidden in two wooden boxes in the basement of the French Cultural Institute for more than 50 years. Only in 2006 was this treasure rediscovered and returned to Magnum Photos. This unique historical discovery revises the belief that the Magnum exhibition curated by Fritz Gruber for the Colonial photokina in the autumn of 1956 was the first.

This rediscovered original exhibition of 83 images from 8 photographers of the first Magnum-generation is now presented exclusively at the Flo Peters Gallery. Included are Henri Cartier-Bresson’s reportage on his encounter with Mahatma Gandhi shortly before his death, Marc Riboud’s picture series from the Balkans and Jean Marquis’ images from Hungary. Works by Werner Bischof and Robert Capa are also shown. Ernst Haas is presented with a series that emerged during the shooting of the Hollywood film “Country of the Pharaoes” under the direction of Howard Hawks while the London district of Mayfair is the subject of the works of Inge Morath. Erich Lessing’s pictures show the children of Vienna.

The catalogue “MAGNUM’S first” by Hantje Cantz, edited by Peter Coeln, Prof. Achim Heine and Andréa Holzherr with an introduction by Dr. Christoph Schaden, art historian, publisher and member of the executive committee of the German Society for Photography, shows a complete documentation of this historical exhibition.

Photo biography – an illustrated lecture by Martin Parr

Martin Parr discusses his long career as one of the most original and innovative photographers of our time. From the early days of taking black and white photographs of Ireland, notably A Fair Day (1984), Bad Weather (1982), the groundbreaking The Last Resort (1986) and up to his most recent work exploring globalisation and tourism. Martin’s unique perspective on the follies and vanities of our time has consistently enlighted, amused and even alarmed. A photograph by Martin Parr is instantly recognisable as his: in a world in which we are bombarded by the visual media, his image always engage and can never be ignored.

Entries are still being accepted for the Ranelagh Outdoors exhibition of street photography to be judged by Martin Parr. Further details at the bottom of this page.

Date –Sunday 28th September at 2.00pm
Venue: Ranelagh Multidenominational School
Tickets: €10

Tickets must be booked in advance at The Ranelagh Arts Festival web site.

Ranelagh Outdoors – Photo Exhibition

Date – Friday, 26th September – Sunday, 28th September
Venue: Ranelagh Multidenominational School
Time: On view from 11am – 6.00pm, entry is free.

This exhibition is of original photographs taken outdoors in Ranelagh. Street photography has inspired and been the subject matter of many of the great photographers including Martin Parr who will be judging the exhibition and awarding a prize. We hope to have a large contribution from local amateur photographers.