A Cuban Timeline 1960 – 2008

After an ill-fated insurgency against the Cuban government in 1953, in which he was nearly killed, Fidel Castro returned via the Cuban Revolution to become one of the most notable political figures of the 20th century. A vociferous opponent of the United States, a staunch critic of the capitalist model, and an oft-cited prophet of the… Continue reading A Cuban Timeline 1960 – 2008

MAGNUM’S first

Henri Cartier-Bresson | Marc Riboud | Jean Marquis | Werner Bischof | Robert Capa | Inge Morath | Ernst Haas | Erich Lessing September 3rd – October 24th, 2008 The Flo Peters Gallery Chilehaus C . Pumpen 8 20095 Hamburg, Germany www.flopetersgallery.com Monday to Friday 12pm-6pm Saturday 11am-3pm Magnum Photos and the Flo Peters Gallery… Continue reading MAGNUM’S first

Photo biography – an illustrated lecture by Martin Parr

Martin Parr discusses his long career as one of the most original and innovative photographers of our time. From the early days of taking black and white photographs of Ireland, notably A Fair Day (1984), Bad Weather (1982), the groundbreaking The Last Resort (1986) and up to his most recent work exploring globalisation and tourism.… Continue reading Photo biography – an illustrated lecture by Martin Parr