The Sense of Sight, by John Berger

Essays explore topics including poetry, torture, storytelling, and the works of artists such as Goya, Monet, Rubens, and Modigliani. Love0

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Plan & Publish Your Photography

Undertaking a personal project – it could be an article for a magazine, a book, a website, an exhibition or a commission – offers photographers an opportunity to focus their energies and ideas and broaden their horizons at the same time as developing their art and craft. This book, which aims to be both practical… Continue reading Plan & Publish Your Photography

Matthew Monteith: Czech Eden

Matthew Monteith: Czech Eden by Michael Famighetti After the Velvet Revolution marked the end of Czechoslovakia’s Communist regime tourists from across Western Europe, and the world, arrived by the busload in Prague to marvel at this spire-marked capital that had effectively been off limits, for a half century, to those outside the Soviet empire’s reach.… Continue reading Matthew Monteith: Czech Eden

Discussion on “Trends in Contemporary Photography Publishing”

Mark Schaden from Schaden books, will head the discussion next Thursday 3rd of May on “Trends in Contemporary Photography Publishing” at the Gallery of Photography (Meeting House Square, Dublin). The panel includes Mark Curran (photographer), David Farrell (artist) and Martin McCabe (lecturer in the DIT School of Media and curator). Admission is free if you… Continue reading Discussion on “Trends in Contemporary Photography Publishing”

Henri-Cartier Bresson’s Scrapbook

Henri Cartier-Bresson was taken prisoner by the Germans in 1940. After two unsuccessful attempts, he managed to escape in 1943. During this time, The Museum of Modern Art in New York, assuming that the photographer had died in the war, started preparing what they thought was a posthumous exhibition of his work. When he reappeared,… Continue reading Henri-Cartier Bresson’s Scrapbook

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