Photo biography – an illustrated lecture by Martin Parr

Martin Parr discusses his long career as one of the most original and innovative photographers of our time. From the early days of taking black and white photographs of Ireland, notably A Fair Day (1984), Bad Weather (1982), the groundbreaking The Last Resort (1986) and up to his most recent work exploring globalisation and tourism.… Continue reading Photo biography – an illustrated lecture by Martin Parr

Guido Mocafico

The Guido Mocafico: Nature Morte exhibition–a collaboration between Bernheimer Fine Art Photography and Hamiltons Gallery, London–focuses on photographs inspired by the aesthetics of Old Masters. Born in Italy in 1962, the photographer concentrates in this exhibition primarily on three genres of still life: banquet, floral and vanitas still lifes, or as Mocafico calls his groups… Continue reading Guido Mocafico

Jeff Bark

The much-anticipated new series of work by Jeff Bark, Woodpecker, is full of dark romanticism. Under the cover of a manufactured night, his young subjects indulge in moments of introspection and abandon, echoing Bark’s own memories of his near adulthood. A short film accompanies the photographs. The subjects of Bark’s previous series, exhibited at Michael… Continue reading Jeff Bark