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5593 – Photography exhibition

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5593 - Photographic exhibition

This exhibition sees 15 emerging photographic artists present their new work. The show has no fixed theme, allowing for greater diversity and presenting the audience with a variety of subject matter. The work will be displayed using a wide range of presentation styles in the raw space that is The Back Loft at La Cathedral Studios. The Gallery of Photography, Dublin, is involved in this show. After the show has opened, The Gallery of Photography will further curate 5593 into an online exhibition, hosted on

Artists include:
Amanda Gourley – Carol Marks – Daniel Graham – Daniel Holfeld – Darran Murray – George McManus – Jane McGarrigle – Jennie O’Rourke – Lee Costello – Lorraine Tierney – Louise Phipps – Niamh Grimes – Phillip Murray – Ruth Medjber – Teresa Varela Martin

Opening night – Tuesday 15th May 2007 @ 6pm.
Venue: The Back Loft, c/o La Cathedral Studios, 7/8 Augustine Street.
Entry: Free
Running from: 16-20 May 2007, 12-6pm