These are some old video projects I did for college and clients, some based on photo-animation, some just plain short films.

Reverse Perspective Interactive Holograms, 2005.

Promotion for Interactive Holographic advertisement, produced by me for Reverse Perspective in 2005.

Waiting for the Luas, 2005.

What do you do in the coldest winter’s night? You get your friends to pose for you at the Luas station, in front of the already-gone Fatima Mansions, and convince them to do what you say because it makes sense. Thanks to Thomas and Michael.

The project was to develop a narrative through photographs on a video’s time-line. Rather than creating different scenes, I decided to try phoho-animation. I never added sound to it.

Unfortunately, the compression of the AVI file I uploaded provoked a weird flow of frames. Well, is very close to the real thing.

Coffee, 2005.

As above, the idea was to create a narrative through photographs in a time-line. It is about the magic of the everyday.

Bread: Food For Life, 2004.

This is a series of 3 ads done for a project at college, not at all associated with (unfortunatelly!), and were never intended to be published.
The theme was ‘Bread: the food of life’. I created these mock-up TV advertisements based on the idea of the inexpensiveness of bread being a luxury for too many.

Bread: Food For Life I

Bread: Food For Life II

Bread: Food For Life II

By Bohoe